Out to eat…

January 19, 2010

Another lovely dinner in Positano Coast‘s Sopra Lounge before
boyface flew off for another job….

Positano Salad

Veal Tenderloin

Steak Bolognese & Whipped Potatoes


Chocolate Mousse


Positano Coast Revisited

October 10, 2009

We had every intention of visiting a local restaurant the other, but we just couldn’t help but revisit an old favorite. It was a beautiful day outside and we were sitting in my room trying to decide what to do before we went to dinner when I started complaining about how I missed walking around the city and how nice it is outside. So we decided to scrap our first idea and head up to Philly to enjoy one of the last nice days left and enjoy some dinner at one of our favorite places.

So we parked on 2nd and walked down to south, which was insane as always of course (I’m not a huge fan of south besides visiting Pearl Art’s 3 story store when I do find myself down that way. The walk back was more fun. We found ourselves wandering down some of the mostly residential side streets that have beautiful churches and temples hidden within them. I adore wandering around cities. any city, as long as it’s warm enough too. When me and frank went to Boston I actually snuck out early one morning and just wandered around for a while. I love it.


Franks! some sort of steak, and he had mashed potatoes of course. I did try a bite and it was delicious.



I’d been eyeing trying the potato gnocchi side the last few times we’d visited so I finally got it along with the Positano salad. The gnocchi was excellent. So insanely delcious, it was love at first bite. The salad was also very good, the vinaigrette they use is fantastic.

When our waiter came back to ask if we even wanted to see the dessert menu we both already had in mind what we wanted. Of course I couldn’t help but get my favorite dessert, which happens to be the only dessert I’ve ever gotten at Positano (which is impressive, since I usually like to try new things) – tiramisu! unfortunately for frank, and the rest of the city, they’ve knixed their chocolate lava cake – GASP. He already had a back up of Nutella and raspberry crepes (when the waiter left we couldn’t help but feeling like dorks for not even needing to see a dessert menu).

You know you’ve gone to a restaurant in the city way too many times when you get a waiter you actually have had before, and we did. Honestly, we’ve probably gone to Positano at least 4 or 5 times this summer. Once you go it’s an addiction, I swear, and thankfully it’s one of the most affodable places in the city too. even with each of us getting an entree, side, dessert it was just barely over $50.

Positano Coast

August 10, 2009

SOPRALOUNGE_08A(photo from Positano Coast’s website)

I’ve held out on reviewing this restaurant, since I know I’d go there again soon and tonight was that night. Follow 2nd street down to walnut and look up. You’ll see a restaurant sitting on the second floor of a small, square building. I first noticed it driving with my sister through the city. It was warm outside and they had all of the windows open and people were sitting on the couches in the lounge looking down on us and talking and enjoying their meals. I instantly texted Frank and described it to him. I mentioned sitting on couches while having dinner and he was all in. Now that I think about it, I think it was really the first place we went to eat together in Philly. We fell in love with it and have continued to go back time and time again, never having a bad meal and always recommending it to friends.

Tuesday is Franks 21st birthday (and no, no alcohol will be present on that day, neither does he have any desire to sit in front of slot machines in a casino that smells of cigarette smoke) so his aunt wanted to take us out to dinner. So her and her husband and me and frank made our way to Postiano coast, my 4th time going, his 3rd time going and their first times going. We asked specifically, as we always do, to sit in the lounge. Positano Coast has both a more formal dining room and a lounge. Both are decorated with blues and whites with lanterns and soft lights all around, creating an incredibly inviting atmosphere. It’s truly tempting to take a nap on one of the couches in the lounge after dinner and tell you server to wake you in 20.


(Photo from Positano Coast’s Website)

They specialize in small plates which is great since it leaves plenty of room to try a few different things and still have dessert. Their prices are very reasonable as well, in my opinion, a great deal for great food right in old city. Another great thing is the dress code. You don’t feel like you have to dress up at all, but you don’t feel weird if you do a little bit either, which is great as I always worry about being over-dressed or under-dressed.

On to the food…

I have yet to try anything I didn’t like there. If you’re picky, you can find something, if you’re looking to try something really new and different, you can find something too. The first trip there was before I began to get a bit more adventurous with my taste buds, so I just went with the Chicken Parmesan which was fantastic, but I have since tried their risotto, white bean gratin, frisee salad, and something from their restaurant week menu, that I do not recall the name of. Like I’ve said, I’ve yet to have a bad meal. Frank has had…yep, you guess it, steak. Our first time around he had one type of steak, which I can’t remember the name of, and was taken off the menu for the changing seasons, but now he is in love with their New York Steak Bolognese with a side of…thats right, mashed potatoes (or rather their “potato puree”) which was also excellent. It”s been great to go with different people with different tastes to get their opinion as well (I went with a large group of friends during restaurant week this past fall and everyone loved it, and Franks uncle tried some of Positano Coasts crudo and other seafood, which neither of us would ever try in a million years, but he said was very good).

I have to make a confession though, even with how much I adore trying new things, I have a dirty little secret. When it comes to dessert at Positano Coast, I absolutely always get the Tirimisu. Tirimisu has been a favorite of mine since I first tried it, and when I had it at Positano Coast for the first time it was love at first bite. You can ask Frank, I rarely scrape my plate clean, but when I’m there I can’t help myself. I find myself occasionally craving it in between visits, which makes it all the more an incredibly special treat for me when I am there. One of Franks favorite is the Kahlua Chocolate Mousse. But to my complete suprise the first time he ordered it, he also loves the Nuttella and Raspberry Crepes (I never would think he would even try something like that – but he’s had it twice now and loves it almost as much as the mousse!). Our first time there he also had a chocolate lava cake which was delicious, unfortunately it left with the season as well.

Positano Coast is one of those few restaurants where I really feel they have everything together. The atmosphere takes you away to southern europe for a great meal where you find yourself completely comfortable and any silences in conversation that may normally feel akward just become natural as ever. To steal my design professor from Drexel’s catch phrase, “It’s lovely.”