My Own

February 3, 2010

Thought I’d share some photos of some my own vintage little knick nacks :)


Gingerbread Friends

December 3, 2009

As my dad said while I was baking, “well, it’s just not Christmas without gingerbread, right?” correct sir!

Gingerbread uses my favorite spice, Cinnamon in collaboration with brown sugar, which is just plain awesome. Plus I’ve developed a preference for crunchy and crispy cookies lately, and gingerbread are perfect for that.

I broke out my “Cookies” book by Martha Stewart (which I got as a gift last Christmas, so it’s only fitting!) as I am determined to make as many cookies as I can with that book. I usually find the recipes in this book to be much more challenging, but when I do get them right, they’re great – and this recipe was s really good one. Maybe it’s just that I’ve gotten used to the shaped cookie method of constantly pulling the dough in and out of my freezer from making sugar cookies a few months ago, but this recipe went really simply and fairly quickly for all the labor involved. The cookies came out just right (although the first batch were a little underdone and were still soft and chewy – which is luckily how my mom prefers her cookies).

I took a plate into work and my co-workers and managers loved them! I even impressed the district manager who happened to stop by!
So not only are they delicious – they’re gap approved!


I was sooooooooooo excited to find out this month’s cupcake hero ingredient – PEANUT BUTTER (or any kind of nut/soy butter). But I thought Peanut Butter?! Peanut butter is good with EVERYTHING! I automatically thought of some of the basic staples, PB&J (been done before – over and over again!), Peanut Butter and chocolate (also super delicious but constantly overdone as well). hmmmmmm.

So I got to thinking about my favorite ways to eat peanut butter and DUH! PEANUT BUTTER AND APPLES (the best snack EVER!).

It was so basic and so simple and after some thorough google-searching I found no recipes or anything like this done for a cupcake, so it was a no-brainer. I decided to go with a basic peanut butter cupcake recipe and try my hand at “inventing” an apple buttercream.


The end result was delicious. The actual cupcake held its shape and didn’t crumble all over the place as you bit into it, it was definitely peanut buttery-y but not over the top, it was just enough. I also made it with whole-wheat flour and all-natural PB, YUM!

The icing – there were a few problems. I am amerture-baker as they get and probably shouldn’t even attempt “inventing” things but I’m just that kind of girl :-) anywho, I LOVED the flavor of the icing, so good! but it was not as…stable? as I’d have liked it to be. You had to just kind of slap it on top – not much for looks, and I love pretty cupcakes so that was a little annoying.

all in all though, it was rockin’


Iron Cupcake Earth : Music

October 14, 2009

So, I’ve been a fan of Iron Cupcake for a long time now but I’ve never seemed to get around to actually submitting something for it – but this month I decided to finally try doing SOMETHING for it. The theme this month is music. you just have to pick a song title and build a cupcake around it and I ended up doing Purple Rain by Prince.

Purple Rain

I decided to stick with something simple for my first entry. Just a white cake with blueberry buttercream icing.

The prizes are super duper cool too:

Apparently you can submit up to three so I might try something a little more daring before the month is out. We’ll see.

Once they start the voting I’ll post a link so you all can show me some lovin ;-)

they spun a web for me

September 12, 2009



September 9, 2009




I want to play don't wait forms in the hideaway
I want to get on with getting on with things
I want to run in fields, paint the kitchen
And love someone
And I can't do any of that here, can I?

September 6, 2009