October 4, 2010

last minute getaway. sleeping 28 stories above times square. lots of walking. yummy food. one lovely weekend with my favorite boy.


It’s funny. Neither me or frank are really “romantic” about any holidays. We don’t feel like we have to go somewhere or really do anything out of the ordinary for them, yet we consistently end up doing something spontaneous and different on holidays. I’d been dying to see the “Model as Muse” exhibit at the MET ever since he told me about it and finally this saturday worked with our schedules and the weather looked like it would cooperate too. Oh, wait, saturday is the fourth isn’t it? oh well, whatever.

We took the bus from Willowbrook mall in North Jersey like we’ve done before and got into the city around 1:30 or 2 and the day just flew by after that.


We wandered the museum for some time looking a lot at the Greek art and the casts of statues and such which were really cool. Finally we found our way to the exhibit – sponsored by my favorite major designer (I of course had to get a picture next to the sign with my marc bag :-)


Each room was a different decade of fashion. It’s amazing to see the dramatic difference ten years can make to the industry. It made me wish I was able to be around in the 40s and 50s when people put so much more thought into how they dressed. It makes me feel like my generation will be known for as the wear-your-pajamas-in-public generation. It’s sad.


After wandering through the exhibit and me drooling over the 50+ years old vogues and harpars bazaars (I have a fashion magazine addition – don’t ask) we realized – oh my goodness! It’s 5:30! It’s crazy how the time flys.

We ended up going to this pizza restaurant place in chelsea called Co. It was really cute, small, but cute. If you ask for tap water they give it to you in a big glass milk jug which made me smile (I love quirky stuff like that). They had really interesting different types of pizza and their other food looked good too. The only thing we weren’t really fans of is that they have the “family style” seating where you’re at a table with a whole bunch of people you don’t know (and CLOSE). If I was with some of my friends, I wouldn’t have minded that much and probably would have talked to someone else, but I don’t really enjoy this type of dining with frank and I know he doesn’t like it either.

6650_117341056677_625351677_2969664_8308799_nWe ended up getting Margarita Pizza and it was great. Even the burnt parts were really tasty. We didn’t realize how small they were though and we were walking all day so we were pretty hungry. It ended up being the perfect excuse to get some ice cream later though (plus my blood sugar was way low and I was getting grouchy).

From there we hoped on the subway and went down to the southstreet seaport to walk around and watch the fireworks. The seaport was the first place we really encountered a 4th of July crowd. People were not paying the least bit of attention to where they were going and kept running into us. So we walked along the bank and waited for the fireworks that were supposed to start at 9.So we sit for a while…. 9:10….nothing….9:20…nothing. We still had to get back to the Port authority to catch the bus and then drive another 3 hours back home so I flagged down a cab and caught a ride up to times square and were able to get a much more interesting view of the fireworks from the back of the taxi.


Yeah, seeing fireworks in the space between skyscrapers definitely beats out watching them from the parking lot of the local high school by pretty far I’m thinkin