I Moved….

December 2, 2010

I’ve been feeling cluttered and neglective lately.
I feel like this blog has just changed a whole lot since I first started and as of late I haven’t had any time for it.

Anywho… I felt like I just wanted a clean start.

So you can follow me over to Fine&Feathered now!


October 29, 2010

I’ve been severely MIA from my blog for the last few weeks.

Mostly due to changing jobs and heck… just feeling downright uncreative for a little bit. But! I’ve been learning how to sew and am eager to show you what I made. plus I think its high time I made some grub too!


September 26, 2010

Are you ready for extreme cuteness? I certainly hope so…

The local neighborhood cat decided to have her kittens in our garage this time.
I’m certainly not complaining:)

Oh, Summer.

August 28, 2010

I look at the date on the bright, beaming screens each day and can hardly believe my eyes. It seems that time escapes me, like it has countless other unknowns, drifting right through my hands like steam over a pot of boiling water, only leaving the faintest amount of moisture to remind you it was even ever there at all.

Why does it seem that summer is the shortest of seasons? Winter always drags its feet, kicking and screaming until tulips push through frosted grounds, but summer seems to be gone in a fleeting moment, leaving you with pumpkins and crunching leaves. Maybe it doesn’t help that I’m not even a fan of Christmas, and snow makes me cringe, but what’s more sad than the end of summer?

This girl needs out of the north east!

Mini Burger Bento

August 25, 2010

I have a confession.

My lunches are boring.

ah, I’m so glad I got that out (I know I’m crazy). Maybe it’s my insanity that tells me I’m just not allowed to be normal or lazy in any way. Most days I just throw a Chobani yogurt, an apple, and a granola bar in my bag on my way out of the house in the morning. Sure, its pretty healthy, sure, it’s just lunch, but heck, its boring! Most days one of the other managers pops his head in while I’m zoned out watching tv and asks what flavor yogurt I have that day. Yep, my lunch is a bore.

But I just adore how crazy people get with bento-box style lunches. I also love how healthy they’re meant to be. I love the themes and the funky little boxes you can find. I am a severe planner and ADORE this weekly planner from JustBento. So I’ve been packing my lunches the night before all this week and have enjoyed having more “diverse” mid-day meals:)

Heres my favorite so far this week…

Mini turkey burger with turkey bacon, mini “burger” cookies, grapes, carrots&PB (not shown)

I got those little burger cookies when I took my brother and a few of our friends to Philly’s Chinatown to celebrate his birthday monday. Aren’t they just too fun? hehe
you should totally check out pictures from out trip over at Demi-Brookes blog:)

He’s ready to go

June 15, 2010

Seriously, how adorable is my dog? Some of you may remember my photo rant about him with pictures of him hanging out on my bed as he enjoys doing- well now he’s got his own little bed, and I must say its adorable. Its a big old suitcase I scooped up at a yardsale for 50cents! I threw his favorite pillow in there and now he’s ready to go…anywhere! but especially to sleep:)


I was featured on I Made it So!

Vintage home

May 27, 2010

I love visiting my friend April. Not only are our conversations always enjoyable, but her house is lovely. It seems to be a compilation of things I’ve wanted to do played out. It’s freaky sometimes how much we either buy or almost buy the same things. We both spend way too much of our time at thrift stores and are competely obsessed with a lot of the vintage-themed blogs out there. I love her house. I will deffinetely be taking more photos of it and sharing on here (with her family’s consent of course!) when I’m able too – because her house is too inspiring not to.