Mini Burger Bento

August 25, 2010

I have a confession.

My lunches are boring.

ah, I’m so glad I got that out (I know I’m crazy). Maybe it’s my insanity that tells me I’m just not allowed to be normal or lazy in any way. Most days I just throw a Chobani yogurt, an apple, and a granola bar in my bag on my way out of the house in the morning. Sure, its pretty healthy, sure, it’s just lunch, but heck, its boring! Most days one of the other managers pops his head in while I’m zoned out watching tv and asks what flavor yogurt I have that day. Yep, my lunch is a bore.

But I just adore how crazy people get with bento-box style lunches. I also love how healthy they’re meant to be. I love the themes and the funky little boxes you can find. I am a severe planner and ADORE this weekly planner from JustBento. So I’ve been packing my lunches the night before all this week and have enjoyed having more “diverse” mid-day meals:)

Heres my favorite so far this week…

Mini turkey burger with turkey bacon, mini “burger” cookies, grapes, carrots&PB (not shown)

I got those little burger cookies when I took my brother and a few of our friends to Philly’s Chinatown to celebrate his birthday monday. Aren’t they just too fun? hehe
you should totally check out pictures from out trip over at Demi-Brookes blog:)


2 Responses to “Mini Burger Bento”

  1. Demi-Brooke Says:

    I didn’t know you got these little burger things! They’re toooo cute! were they yummy?

  2. Sally Says:

    Too cute, would definitely resist eating out at lunch if these were in my lunchbox!!

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