Vegan Chocolate Cookies

August 13, 2010

Sometimes I have my fancy-pants cooking days, but most of the rest of the time I just want to throw together something, simple, basic and, most of all, delicious. I’ve found that vegan cooking and baking for me is not basic enough. There’s usually some funky ingredients that, unless your an actual vegan, you probably won’t have on hand. This is the second time I’ve used The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur’s recipe for Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and they absolutely fit the criteria of basic, simple and completely delicious! They’re easy and quick to whip up plus they are so tasty!

Dougie the Dino quite enjoyed them…


9 Responses to “Vegan Chocolate Cookies”

  1. danchos Says:

    Photos made me smile =)They are positive)

    P.S:I love chocolate chip cookies!!!!!

  2. musketnuss Says:

    Those look really great – Kind of chewy, yummy! (Thanks so much for your comment, by the way! Helped me to find your nice blog!)

  3. Vanessa Says:

    Haha awesome! That dinosaur has good taste because those cookies look amazing!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! :)

  4. Signe Says:

    Mmm, these look yummy and the dino is such a cute addition :)

  5. Adriana Says:

    i love the pic and the cookies!

  6. These look so tasty! I will share this recipe with my neice…she is a vegan. I’m sure she will love it! I loved the little plastic dino in your photos! So clever and so adorable!

  7. Oooh chocolate plus chocolate equal happy girls. And happy dinos too…

  8. Joy Todd Says:

    Dougie the Dino..ha ha ha that is amazing. I want to try to make these cookies..they look..amazing! How have u been?

  9. Sally Says:

    Thats some pretty serious chocolate – love the dinosaur label!!!

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