Two loves

July 13, 2010

Today was my day off and, of course, it rained.

I was in a crafty mood and was looking for something to do when I came across a book someone gave me a while ago. It’s one of those thrift store 1970’s travel photography books with cheesy picture of sunbathers in bikinis and “artistic” views of fountains and tall buildings. Wondering whether to throw it away or send it back to make rounds at thrift stores it then occurred to me… ENVELOPES

I love envelopes.
Like most kids I adored getting mail. Even now I still love it. I adore that my grandparents still send me valentines day and halloween cards and the biggest smile stretches across my face when my boyfriend sends me a letter or postcard while he’s away for work.
I used the pages of photos in that book to make these little guys. I like how they turned out a lot… they’re each so unique.

I love photography too, of course.
this little craft made me want to make stationary out of my own photographs (don’t worry, that’ll be another post for another time) and really just made me look at photos in a whole new way. Its fascinating to change your perspective sometimes.

I made many more of these little guys from the pages of that book, but these are just a few of my favorites.


12 Responses to “Two loves”

  1. Elisabeth Says:


  2. iMadeItSo Says:

    so pretty, great use of the pages.

    p.s. your fireworks photos were better than the ones above ;)

  3. Emma Says:

    Oh my goodness – these are so fantastic! I love them – especially the top ones with the roses, great work!

    You have inspired me :) I LOVE making cards etc so these are a great idea…


  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow this is such a good idea! I would never have thought of that and now I hope I find an old book like that too!

  5. Mel Says:

    A fantastic idea, at my next visit to the secondhand bookstore I am gonna get me some books with cheesy photographs and do something creative with them.

  6. First thanks for visiting my blog! I had fun getting lost in yours, and love all your food and baking posts. Let me just say, your first attempt at pie, in an older post, was fantastic. I adore making pies!!

    I have a cool template to make all sizes of envelopes, and I think it is so much fun. Your’s turned out fab!!

  7. cindy Says:

    your envelopes are terrific – such a great idea! thank you for visiting us and your nice comment!

  8. Holly Says:

    What awesome envelopes. I’ve always loved getting mail too, especially now! People put so much time and effort into sending letters and packages in the mail… I love it! If you ever want a pen pal, let me know! :) And thanks for visiting my blog, yours is great, I’m adding it to my google reader.

  9. i really like envelopes too. great way to repurpose that old book!

  10. Yumi Says:

    This is such a great idea! Can’t wait to try it out :)

  11. […] remember my photograph envelopes? I made a special little set for the giveaway! It’s a NYC envelope set, and they came out […]

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