Birthday in the City

May 18, 2010

Could I have asked for a better birthday? absolutely not. It was full of a lovely craft fair, visiting galleries, walking (and missing) the city, the franklin institute, and (of course) lots of amazing food.

(Tasha McKelvey‘s adorable table at the Art Star Craft Bazaar)

(Peg and Awl)

(KG + AB)

(I was so in love with this bowl  by PinkKiss Potery )

(Continental Mid-town)

(Small Favors V show at the Clay Studio)

(so in love with these lovely little dogs by Katie Parker)

(View from our dinner alone on the terrace at XIX)



7 Responses to “Birthday in the City”

  1. Mari Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Honey! it looks like you had a fabulous day! I love all your pictures…

  2. Demi-Brooke Says:

    Michelle, the first couple pictures make me so jealous I couldn’t go! I lovelovelove the little white animal trinkets.

  3. eleanor Says:

    i love these pictures! they make me want to visit…

    thankyou so much for your comment, and yes, you must see the film :)

    your blog is lovely

  4. Your pictures show what might be the perfect day…especially that burger with shoestring fries and the waffle. Happy Birthday.

  5. Alex Erynn Says:

    What a perfect way to spend a birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. zooeylovesbugs Says:

    Happy Birthday! Looks like a wonderful day! An such beautiful pictures.

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