I don’t like math, but I love pie

May 8, 2010

Yesterday I did something I’ve been really really wanting to do for quite a while now – make a pie completely and totally from scratch. So I set to work peeling apples and rolling dough with help only by my ten fingers and two palms. I was beyond happy when it came out perfect. Seriously, perfect! I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty sure it could kick the butt of any premade dough and canned filling pie any day of the week (bring it on pillsbury dough boy!). The crust was flakey and soft and the apples were sweet and tender, what more could a girl possibly ask for?

The crust recipe was from Tartine via Bread Baby.

And the Filling was Martha Stewarts via Handle the Heat.


8 Responses to “I don’t like math, but I love pie”

  1. Angie O Says:

    This looks delicious
    what did you pair that with to drink?

    • lavienouveau Says:

      Well. despite having been a bar-tender I don’t really “drink” so I drink mostly iced tea – boring I know!

  2. Demi-Brooke Says:

    ohhh i’ve always wanting to make a pie (Steven has as well) I think I may try this recipe and give it a go :)

    • lavienouveau Says:

      I love love LOVE it! it was time consuming but really not that hard and absolutely worth it – I took it to bible study last night and had to hide two little pieces to bring home! I think they’re still here if you wana try one when you come over to study with ryry today :)

  3. leslie Says:

    Oh yeah…homemade pie! Nothing better!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my tasty little tea sandwiches! They are addicting!

  4. zooeylovesbugs Says:

    That looks freaking delicious!! And the post title is true for me too – hate math, looooove pie! Especially apple pie. Yum! Oh great, now I’m hungry…


  5. Angela Says:

    Congrats on your graduation! And making that scrumptious pie from scratch. It looks wonderful. I love your pictures. I am about to bake a cake for the first time from scratch this weekend :)

  6. Archimedes Says:

    The one problem with this pie is that it doesn’t go on forever…

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