February 25, 2010

Let me take you to a magical place. A place where plants grow and the smell of orchids fill the crisp winter air. A place that takes you back to childhood summers and make you want to plant a garden. You can find plants in handmade pots, plates for your kitchen, soaps that smell of lavender and a warm cup of coffee.

I came across Terrain on a trip to Glen Mills, PA and have fallen in love. I will most definitely by revisiting this summer.


8 Responses to “Terrain”

  1. Carol Says:

    Can’t wait to go!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Love the macro shot of the pink flower, looks so soft and vintage!

  3. Demi-Brooke Says:

    yep it’s official. i’m definitely going. haha

  4. Alex Says:

    You take such great pictures. They look so soft. I love them!

  5. sooki Says:

    hi, thanks for visiting my site! love love your vintagey photos.

  6. yvonnerenee Says:

    wow, i love the 4th photo. i don’t know why. it’s just the most appealing to me :)

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