Table 31

January 7, 2010

Here I am, FINALLY getting around to posting about our NYE dinner!
We actually forgot to make reservations and ended up just revisiting Table 31 to give it another shot.

We have been to Table 31 twice before and have absolutely nothing but great things to say about the food – it’s always perfectly delicious.
as for the service… I’ve most definitely had better.

The first time around everything was wonderful, so we decided to go back for dinner not too long after. The second time the service was fairly bad. Our waiter spent about 15 minutes in conversation with a friend at one of his other tables while we waited for our check, and when he was present his attention seemed anywhere but at the table. I must say, this time was substantially better than that, but still lacking the sort of service I expect at a restaurant of that stature. I will say though that it was new years eve, so I should give them the benifit of the doubt for that.

Beyond that, it’s lovely. A very modern atmosphere located at the bottom of the comcast center. I enjoyed the second floor as opposed to the first which occasionally gets a little loud from people at the bar. It was fun to even see Chef Scarduzio milling about talking to friends and customers that night.

For dinner on NYE Frank went with the 24oz Porterhouse…which was insanely huge….

He also had mashed potatoes of course.

I had the homemade Potato Gnocchi with bolognese sauce…

The picture is horrendous, but you get the idea right?

Both were exelent.

Like I said, the food is great and if the service was consistently good than it would definitely be a top of the list for me.

Here are some of the things we’ve gotten before…

“city sliders” unfortunately they don’t serve these anymore – they were tasty though!

Chicken Au Jus

Filet Mignon…


6 Responses to “Table 31”

  1. ayu Says:

    OMG looks soooo YUMMY!! the fillet mignon..hmmmm..

  2. Mari Says:

    Hey love! Happy New Year!!!

    That slider looks sooooooo good.

  3. Janis Says:

    So when are you going to become a restaurant critic? You do such a nice job describing your experiences : ) And the photos are great too!

  4. Simply Life Says:

    looks like a great deal!

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