End of Semester…

December 19, 2009

As classes come to an end and the whether takes a turn for the chillier, my small local college always puts together its student art shows.
I’ve been so much happier with all of my work this semester more than ever. People often ask me if I regret spending all the time and money at Drexel only to return to the college I started out, and I say no, not the tiniest bit. If anything, I learned that I have to do work to please myself and not the professors, and that if I’m not enjoying the process, then I shouldn’t be doing it.

One of my classes this semester was at the Clay College in Millville. It was a 3-D design class, and although we did work with clay a lot we also made things our of old shoes, paper tubes, and created our own “wearable art” which we showed at the opening of the student gallery show with our own little  runway show.

I just thought I would share some of my work with you…

You may remember my clay cupcake from a previous post. I nicknamed it my “Warhol Cupcake”. This actually wasn’t even for a project for class, but just something I started working on one day. I wanted to make 3 more and do them in other “pop” colors, but never have the time this semester, maybe next?

This is the two sides of the one piece I did. For the project we were given a brick of clay and told to make a cup out of it. It didn’t have to be functional, or a literal cup, but just a cup. I lovve working in black and white, I feel like it just breaks it down so that your mainly focused on good form which is so important.

This was my last clay project for this class. The project was to do a self portrait or a narrative of some sort. This was one of those projects that started off with one meaning and the more I worked on it the more things that I realized it symbolised and ways I related to it. The cross and orchids are all made of clay and painted with acrylics and the base is all dirt from my mothers garden :)

This is my “wearable art” piece. It’s a feather skirt with white lace around the top and a gold zipper down the back.
Any of you fashion nerds, like me, out there are welcome to point out how feather skirts are allll over the runways lately. But seriously, I have sketched to do this from like a year ago, and I was not basing it off of anyone else at the time, I promise!
oh and its modeled by my lovely friend Christa!

So there you have it, a little taste of what I’ve been working on. There were many more projects, but these were some of my favorites from this class – I love any feedback at all, even critisism, so feel free!


2 Responses to “End of Semester…”

  1. laura Says:

    I love the skirt! I need some wearable art!

  2. megan Says:

    wow, i am very impressed! I am not artistic at all, so I admire anyone who is. i love the cupcake…it’s so cute! :)

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