the true breakfast of champions

December 17, 2009

Last night I had to make my way to good ol’ downtown Vineland to pick up some things at the only sewing store basically within an hour of here to finish a project. While I don’t usually get down that way very often I’m always excited to because it means one thing to me….a stop at The Sweet Life! You may (or maybe not…) remember my rantings about them here.

It’s always great to stop in. For one thing, I hate supporting Starbucks, or any other monster chain that kills adorable little businesses, but I won’t lie that I always end up going there anyway just because theres one right next to where I work and go to school. Besides that, the coolest people own it and an incredibly talented future famous artist who I’ve had class with this semester also works there. oh yeah, and did I forget to mention everything they make is amazing. No, I’m not exaggerating – everything.

So Jill (one of the owners, and a pretty kick-butt cake baker and decorator) talked me into one of their little apricot triangle pastry things (yes, I am very knowledgable, I know) and ended up getting a few of those and a few other things to bring home to the family. While I could go on for a million years about everything there, I must adress these apricot triangle thingies. not suprisingly, AMAZING. the perfect pre-work snack and had me wanting to eat them all in one sitting, but I respect their delicious pastries too much to ruin them by doing so.

This morning started out so lovely with having one of those fantastic soft and just perfectly sweet enough little creations and a little bit of chocolate Chai. Maybe it was these delightful little things that helped me to stay happy even through a crazy day of rifling through clay pots and sculptures to find mine, and hours at work with severe christmas madness going on and then push through to finish both my wearable art project and my sculpture for the art show this weekend. So thank you, delicious little pastry, and thank you Sweet Life.


One Response to “the true breakfast of champions”

  1. Simply Life Says:

    oh that looks like a bakery I would love to support!

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