Tea and Cookies

December 16, 2009

This past week was finals, so naturally I’ve been baking a lot.

No matter how busy I am (or possibly rather, the bussier I get) I find time to bake. It’s absolutly a relaxing thing for me and helps me just to clear my mind for a little bit and focus all my energy into the process of making something delicious. My parents always thought I should become a chef or own a bakery, but I feel like that would totally kill it for me. I’ll stick to giving my treats for free to family and friends I think.

The morning after my math final, I knew it was time for cookies (I haaaaate math, I can’t even explain how much) so I pulled out one of my favorite christmas gifts from last year, my Martha Stewart Cookies Book. I decided to use her recipe for butter cookie sandwiches, but instead of filling them, to just dip them in chocolate.

They gave me a little trouble when rolling out. Maybe my kitchen gets too hot when the ovens on, because whenever I make cut-out cookies I always have to just cut a few out, put the dough back in the freezer or fridge, pull it out again in a few minutes and then rush to cut out a few more before it’s too mushy again and I have to throw it back into the icebox. anyhow, it makes my cookies a definite “labor of love”.

These ones were totally worth it though!

They were soft and crumbly and perfect with a little bit of chocolate. Me and my mom agreed that they would be really great if next time I put some almond extract or something like that in it. But regardless, they were still pretty kick butt!


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