Gingerbread Friends

December 3, 2009

As my dad said while I was baking, “well, it’s just not Christmas without gingerbread, right?” correct sir!

Gingerbread uses my favorite spice, Cinnamon in collaboration with brown sugar, which is just plain awesome. Plus I’ve developed a preference for crunchy and crispy cookies lately, and gingerbread are perfect for that.

I broke out my “Cookies” book by Martha Stewart (which I got as a gift last Christmas, so it’s only fitting!) as I am determined to make as many cookies as I can with that book. I usually find the recipes in this book to be much more challenging, but when I do get them right, they’re great – and this recipe was s really good one. Maybe it’s just that I’ve gotten used to the shaped cookie method of constantly pulling the dough in and out of my freezer from making sugar cookies a few months ago, but this recipe went really simply and fairly quickly for all the labor involved. The cookies came out just right (although the first batch were a little underdone and were still soft and chewy – which is luckily how my mom prefers her cookies).

I took a plate into work and my co-workers and managers loved them! I even impressed the district manager who happened to stop by!
So not only are they delicious – they’re gap approved!


4 Responses to “Gingerbread Friends”

  1. ayu Says:

    owh i’ve been thinking about baking gingerbread cookies for christmas, but one thing, i cant find molasses in jakarta :(

  2. Mari Says:

    Yums those look so good…I would make them just to have the smell fill my apartment

  3. Candy Says:

    Love your cookies and photos! The Martha Stewart Cookie cookbook has a great, and easy, recipe for chocolate cookies with ginger that are delish!

    • Says:

      Oh yes! I tried those. I think I might have added too much ginger or something tho cause mine were ginger overload lol

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