November 27, 2009

I’m back!

Between working two jobs, taking 16 credits at college and just adding on a wedding I’ll be doing completely on my own for a lovely woman getting married this coming summer my blog has been the last thing on my mind these last few weeks. But here I am! I finally caught a day (or most of a day) to myself to sit and write and share some photos from a recent dinner that was absoloutly delicious.

SO, we finally did it. We finally tried Winfield’s. For those of you south-Jerseyins, Winfields is right on high street in Millville right next to the clay college. It’s fairly small, just one long room with the bar and kitchen in the back. They decorated with all light color woods and left the ceiling in the original square pattern. The decor was well thought out for a local place, I thought. There was a really interesting balance of geometrical elements and organic patterns and the bar area was very interesting as well.

We both got fairly obvious things for us. Frank got the filet mignon, of course, and I tried the lemon chicken.

The filet came with red skinned mashed potatoes which were fantastic and I must learn how to re-create them! The filet itself was very good as well, I even tried a piece and was impressed.

The chicken was so tender which is the only way chicken can ever really be good, no matter what you put on it or with it – if it’s dry, just throw it out. But no, it was very tender and was covered in the lemon sauce which wasn’t overly lemon-y but definetely had a kick to it. The asparagus and potato wedges were also good (although most of the potatoes made their way over to frank’s plate, while his asparagus found their way to mine. The chicken actually had two servings of chicken on the plate. Honestly, if I was going with a friend who wanted chicken as well, it would be a perfect plate to share as there was no way I was going to fit a second piece of chicken in my stomach.

The desserts were absoloutly, down right, kick butt! seriously, they were awesome.

I had the Tiramisu (which ties with pumpkin pie as my favorite dessert ever – someone should find a way to mix the two…it”d be the ultimate dessert for me!) it was so great. It was served in a large margarita glass (so funny since thats always what I put mine in when I make it!) and it was perfectly light and fluffy and so good. If I have to be honest, it’s not quite as good as Positano Coast’s but it is a very close second.

Frank of course went right for the Chocolate Lava Cake. I of course couldn’t help stealing a taste. It was made with a very dark chocolate and was super warm and gooey and just how a chocolate lava cake should be.

It was a great meal, and after talking about it we both agreed that Winfield’s is our local favorite, even over Lucia’s which was also very good. If you live in the area and haven’t tried it yet, you should go!

I’ll leave you with a photo of the last bit of Tiramisu I had to push to the opposite side of the table so I didn’t completely over stuff myself (in my opinion, nothing ruins a good meal more than feeling like you can’t walk afterwards!)



One Response to “Winfield’s”

  1. Mari Says:

    I love both of your dishes but the dessert stole the show lol

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