Union Trust Steakhouse

October 18, 2009


I was so excited to dig into the list I just put together yesterday so fast! As soon as I discovered this place I’ve been dying to see it and try it and I’m so glad we did. The architecture is lovely and the whole ceiling part of the restaurant is amazing, I especially love the open kitchen and the comfortable seating. It also features three separate levels (although the third is a private-party room that has a large window that looks down over the entire restaurant – oh how I’d die to throw a fabulous party in there). We also had a great waiter, his name was Nick and if you are lucky enough to diner here and get him then you’ll love him, I promise. He was energetic and entertaining but incredibly helpful when it came to navigating the menu.


They also offer a few different types of bread (like every other restaurant, I realize) but they offered something I’ve only seen one other place so far and that is a Philly Pretzel. Since Frank went for a pretzel I tried some of their rosemary french bread which had such a distinct and great flavor. Of course I store a little piece off his pretzel which was soft and delicious like any true Philly pretzel would be.


Frank had a hard time deciding between steaks but decided to try the bone-in Ribeye with Au Poivre sauce after a recommendation from the waiter. He also tried the Potatoes Au Gratin in place of his normal mashed potatoes. Both were great, although he did kind of wish he went with the mashed potatoes, but they were still very good. He said the steak was only second best to Smith & Wollensky (although their au poivre steak was insanely peppery, he loved it though) I did have to argue though that the chicken I had at S&W was bland and dry and I think that a good restaurant shouldn’t put anything on their menu that they don’t really cook well even if it isn’t their specialty.


I almost didn’t get the chicken but decided to go for it at the last minute to compare it against other places as it’s a more typical choice for me.

It was fantastic. So flavorful and not the least bit dry and the sauce was amazing. Easily the best chicken I’ve ever had. Chicken is such a staple everywhere, from restaurants to homes, but it is almost always cooked incorrectly and left to be an insanely boring dish, but this just proves that chicken can rock it just as well as steak. I also had a side of wild mushrooms which were fabulous as well.



oh how I wish I had better pictures of everything, but the lighting is so low in those restaurants it’s hard to find a happy medium between no-flash and super bright flash without bringing my more serious camera equipment with me, which I feel would be weird. Anyhow..

Our waiter thought it was just the funniest and greatest that Frank actually asked for a glass of milk to go with his dessert. It’s one of those things I think most people want, but have too big of an ego to actually ask for at a place like that. I think it was the first time anyone has ever asked that.

Frank got the Chocolate Ending dessert which consisted of a little concoction of an oreo cookie bottom with milk and dark chocolate mousse in the center and covered in chocolate ganache with small little oreo cookie balls decorating the sides with a small fudge brownie and raspberry sorbet. Amazing! I stole a bite of course. It’s a lot of chocolate for someone like me but if you love chocolate than this is for you.


I decided to go with something a little different, Peach Cobbler Cheesecake. It was so unique and so lovely. It didnt have a super strong cheesecake flavor (which I was happy about) and had actual real peaches poling out of one of the layers and was topped with that amazing cobbler topping that is oh-so delicious. It was served with pomegranate seeds and sorbet which was a really great compliment to the cake.

Even though Frank thinks they only have the second best steaks so far, I’m still head over heels for the place.

Definitely somewhere I would recommend.


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