To Do List: Restaurants

October 17, 2009

I hate winter. I hate cold. I hate living in the northeast between September and May. So every year I try to think of things to distract me from the cold. Last year me and Frank made a whole list of things to do and we planned our little hiatus down to Florida to see his Aunt which helped me get through. So I decided to sit down today and figure out at least a few exciting new places to try over the next few months, so I thought I’d share…



On the ninteenth floor of the Hyatt, how can you not want to try it?


The whole restaurant is a lovely shade of BARBIE PINK! (oh did I not mention thats my favorite color?) Plus as a former waitress/bartender at what I believe to be one of the tastiest mexican restuarants in the city I’m always curious to try some others and compare.


voted best meat dishes in ’09 plus everything on the menu just sounds delicious.

Union Trust Steakhouse

Okay so putting aside the fact this this place was voted best of philly for it’s steaks (which makes this a must for us to try) but just go on the website and look at the architecture of the building. I’m sure when we try it I will spend the entire night babbling on and on to frank about the architecture and pointing out the stupidest little art related things about the building.

Atlantic City

The Chelsea Prime

Okay, so I’ll admit that I’ve been dying to see the inside of the Chelsea Hotel since it opened, but the restaurant has also received great reviews as well so what a perfect a excuse to stroll through a a brand new hotel in AC that isn’t also some dirty casino?


Stephan Starr’s restaurants are tend to either be amazing or “meh” it seems but never bad. Every time I pass by the entrance to Buddakan in the Pier I can’t help but want to sit down at that super long table and have dinner.



My 3D design class is at the Clay College right next to Winfield’s and I’ve heard good things about it from everyone who’s went and me and frank have been meaning to get out there but we always forget about it when the time comes!

Also we plan on revising some of our previous favorites like Estia and Butcher & Singer so I’m gunna wait till we do that to do reviews! Also I plan on visiting my old stomping grounds of Zocalo once the fabulous bartender gets back from vacation.

If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate and also pray that I live through another winter living somewhere cold (I know I say it every year but I SWEAR this will be the last year I live in the north!).


3 Responses to “To Do List: Restaurants”

  1. Meeri Says:

    There’s a new place that opened up in Philly called Noble: An American Cookery on Sansom near the Roxy Theater. They use mostly local ingredients, and their cocktails are amazing (I tried one with house-made ginger beer… awesome).

  2. Shannalee Says:

    I really love reading about cool restaurants in other cities, maybe just because it makes me feel like I’m traveling or something. Looking forward to hearing more about these spots as you visit them!

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