Smith and Wollensky

September 17, 2009


Me and Frank we’re set to re-visit one of our old favorites in the city the other night when we realized we had completely forgotten to try one of the restaurants on the square that we had been talking about since the spring. We saw those cute little tables right on their “porch” and had our hearts set on sitting out there to eat on a nice warm night. Thankfully we happened upon the most perfect night to do this, not too hot, not cold, perfectly weather for having dinner with my favorite boy.


Smith and Wollensky is technically a chain restaurant, but are only found in large cities. It’s also a steak house, which leaves frank with tons of options and tends to limit my a little, but I don’t mind, I can always find something. It’s nesstled on the ground floor of The Rittenhosue Hotel with a great view of the park with all of the artists and homeless strewed against the lawn and wealthy older women pushing their purebred poodles in strollers.


It is charming, with its framed menus and heavy silverware. Our server was a bit strange, but very nice and always around when we needed him, and also slightly entertaining, I suppose. Their Philly spirit (I’m unsure if they do it at the other locations) comes through with their serving of soft pretzels with butter in leu of traditional breads. They were warm and soft, and me an frank both agreed that it was great to have them with butter, and made it a little more than just a pretzel.


Frank had the Au Poivre Filet Mignon. It was cooked perfectly, but the peppercorns give it quite a kick! I tried a piece, and even with me being an avid pepper and spice lover was a bit taken back at how spicy it really was. The mashed potatoes were also perfect, absolutely delicious and made me wish mine tasted like that. I tried the lemon chicken, which was slightly disapointing to me. Actually, it was very disappointing. It was chicken-no more, no less. I tasted like nothing more than how anyone with two hands and an oven could make chicken. Slightly dry, and honestly, not much of a flavor. The asparagus were pretty much the same. Nothing to write home about by any means.


Now dessert, that’s a whole different story. Me and Frank shared the Chocolate Cake and came no where near close to finishing the one piece. its a perfectly baked chocolate cake with layers of soft chocolate mousse in between and topped with a delicious chocolate ganache. Definitely a chocolate overload, in the most amazing way possible.They were even kind enough to bring him a glass of milk (he is just way too cute, I mean *ahem* super manly and hansom) while I had a shot of espresso. Espresso and chocolate, I don’t believe in a more lovely way to end a meal.

We had a great time there, and it was great to sit right next to the park and enjoy one of the last few beautiful nights left. When it comes to the food though, I must say I’d choose Smith and Wollensky’s upstairs neighbor, Lacroix, a million times over. But that’s just me.


One Response to “Smith and Wollensky”

  1. Chuck Says:

    The great shots…! You always find the coolest spots to review.

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