Josie and Frank go to Washington

September 3, 2009


Me and Frank have been talking about making a trip down to D.C. since last winter, and the sudden burst of chilly weather made us rush to find a day to make it work before it really gets cold (stupid seasons!). And after a horribly failed attempt at a nice day at Hershey Park last week, we decided to go ahead and do it.


We’ve driven in a lot of different cities, especially him, but Washington is a whole other animal. We got turned around and lost and driving back and forth for quite a while before we finally found ourselves.


Getting lost in Washington isn’t nearly as bad as some other cities though, at least there’s a lovely monument everywhere you go anyway.


Finally we parked and, by that time, were starving and quickly found ourselves a cute little pizzeria and ducked into Ella’s Wood Fired Pizza for some lunch.

It wasn’t at all what I expected, both in a good way and bad way I guess. It’s a little bistro-type pizzaria, and being so, I was hoping to get a nice sandwich or something, but the menu is limited to personal sized pizzas and salad, and oddly enough, a long list of wines. This was slightly disapointing since I wanted a little more than a salad but knew I could never finish a pizza.As far as service goes, we had what I refer to as a “corpse waiter”. Basically he seemed barely alive, but just enough to take orders from people. The food was pretty good, my salad was interesting and delicious and the pizza was nicely done, but in the end it’s definitely not a favorite place.



Finally we got to our destination, the Smithsonian! It was fantastic! We didn’t do even 1/4 of the building we were in, much less the entire collection of museums, but what we say has us wanting to go back to explore some more. One of my favorites that they have right now is Julia Child’s kitchen! very cool! Frank of course was in love with the science exhibit and especially with the exhibit on the history of electricity (he’s a cutie!). Unfortunately we had to leave a little early to get our dinner reservation…





On the drive home Frank asked me what my favorite part of the day was, not including the fantastic dinner. I had to think a moment. The museum was great and I loved it, but my favorite thing, as is with most cities, was seeing the architecture. You can ask frank, I have an odd obsession with architecture. I really know nothing about it, but am completely fascinated by it. Washington is an amazing city when it comes to architecture. You have such great historical buildings against these lovely modern ones and, to me, it’s such a great comparison and contrast of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

In all we had a beautiful day in the capitol and cannot wait to go back and visit again.


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