August 24, 2009


[Camille Soulayrol]

I’ve come to find that I love all design. I really truly do. I’ve always liked art, but was never particularly good at painting or drawing, maybe better than most, but no future Rembrant. But then design… I enjoyed taking graphic design at the local votec when I was much younger, and my teacher always raved on my talents, but I can say that I don’t regret my time at drexel at all because of finding my un-ending love for design. I always loved fashion design too, and interior design, but never had put it all together in my brain that they were all forms of design. Fine art can be so hard to distiguish between good and bad sometimes it seems, as if there’s no set formula. Design feels so much more like theres formula, flexible formula. There are certain rules, but if you’re smart enough you know how to break them too.

I recently decided that since I’ll be here for a bit longer than it was time for a change in some way. So I pulled almost all of the furniture out of my room and either trashed it or am in the process of changing it in some way. My room has looked fairly the same since I came home from art camp when I was 16 and my mom had re-done it while I was gone. At the time I didn’t really care that much, but now I need to feel a bit more like it’s mine. I need to know that I thought about it, so now I can think in it.

Once I feel it’s at least mostly done maybe I’ll share some photos with you, but for now I’m just enjoying the process of design.


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