July 27, 2009

Just about a year ago me and Frank decided to skip town for a week and visit somewhere new. I had been having an especially horrible year (which was far from over) when we first started talking about the possibility of going somewhere, we both instantly landed on Boston. No contest.

So we packed up and drove allllll the way up 95 to the charming city.

It was fantastic.

The Green Monster

Both being baseball fans, we had to visit the Green Monster in hope of seeing a Red Sox game. Unfortunantly we sat for a good 3 hours after starting time, only for the game to get re-scheduled due to rain (it was okay though, since it gave us an excuse to visit the darling city again). I love the stadium. It is so incredibly Boston. The truly vintage seats with chipping paint and iron arm rests. It amazed both of us that it stayed almost completely full until they finally re-scheduled the game, despite the downpour. I know Phillies fans (at least pre-world series) would never stick around that long. It was also amazing to see how Boston is truly a baseball city. No matter how their team is doing, the streets and subways are always packed with people decked out in their Red Sox gear on game day, peeping in the windows of bars they pass by, trying to see the score. I love it. I’m jealous of it. Philly has only become even slightly a baseball since the world series.

Rainy FieldDSC-0119

These photos were all hours before the game was even supposed to start- we were just too excited to see the field though so we got there super early!

Another must-do in Boston is the Comedy Studio in Harvard, located above a little chinese restaurant and incredibly east to get to from the T (what those adorable bostonians refer to their subway as). Me and Frank love comedy and had an absolute blast at this little place. The comedians were great and it really shows off the diversity of the city too.

Harvard Park

Probably one of my favorite parts of Boston is the vast amounts of parks. It felt like no matter where we went we could always find a park to just lay down and take an afternoon nap in. The hotel we were in was only a block or two away from the Boston Common which we spent hours and hours in. Napping, playing games, taking polaroids, and eating Upper Crust Pizza in the middle of the night. If you plan to go to Boston, leave yourself plenty of time to just sit around the parks. Many of them even include fantastic and diverse sculptures.

Oh speaking of pizza. If you visit Boston, you must have a slice of pizza at one of the few Upper Crust locations. I can only assume that it is run by greeks. from the incredible amounts of garlic to the family-style eating. You can only find it in Boston, and you will always find they are packed, but well worth the wait.

in the grass

There’s always something to look at in Boston. The Architecture is lovely. We enjoyed walking down the Commonwealth at nights, peaking in the large, open windows of the homes with their high ceiling and gigantic wood doors and brick fronts. The library is another place you must see. It’s courtyard is lovely and the library faces Copely Square with a number of fountains (which i spent some time in photographing things and getting my feet wet) all in front of a great architectural site. The beautiful Trinity church, dedicated in 1877 is a great site alone, with its great stained glass windows, greek cross architecture and breath taking murals sits with another great architectural landmark looking over it, John Hancock Tower. Though it’s had it’s problems in the past, it is a lovely building, shining as the tallest building in Boston, and Massachusetts as well.

Zakim BridgeWe fell in love with the Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge. The small cable-stayed bridge is beyond lovely at night. lighting up the sky over the Charles river. We even spent one of our last few nights camping out in this nearby park trying to stay up until sunrise. We made it til sunrise, but only barely. We sleep-walked our way onto the subway and back to the hotel early the next morning after falling off to sleep in the grass. We’re modern day hippies, what can I say? (yeah RIGHT!)

I’ll always love Boston, I’m sure of that. I’ll keep the memories of laying in the grass of the Boston common, spending nights hunting down watermelon for a midnight snack and morning sneaking out alone to wander the city. I would absoloutly reccomend it to anyone who loves traveling and enjoys a smart, baseball loving, architectural wonder of a city.


2 Responses to “Boston”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Am glad you had a cool adventure. Love the photos… :-)

  2. Tina Says:

    Clearly i am jelous as Boston is my FAVORITE place in the Us. I adore it there. I have been meaning to get Steve there. Just seeing your pics from there makes me happy. (Boston is actually Steve and I’s baby name for a boy) Glad you had a blast, though i would expect nothing else from this marvelous city.

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