Dark Chocolate Mousse

July 19, 2009


A few weeks ago my mom was working late and my dad wanted to take some dinner over to her, so I threw together some lemon chicken and zucchini and sent along with it a chocolate mousse I concocted early in the day. Ever since then my mom constantly talks about the mousse and how amazing it is (my brother was in biiig trouble when she found out he ate her leftovers!). So when I found out my mom was making us a nice dinner tonight I decided to throw together a few mousses for dessert.

I make them with all dark chocolate, as I prefer it. I suppose you could make them with a lighter chocolate, but then you couldn’t justify it to yourself that it’s good for you, so why would you do a thing like that?

I had mine with a little vanilla ice cream (I know I shouldn’t, since I have a milk allergy and it upsets my stomach, but I just couldn’t resist!) and some frozen strawberries. It was heavenly and so incredibly easy to make – it would be perfect for a dinner party or family dinner!

You can find this recipe and me on tasty kitchen.


One Response to “Dark Chocolate Mousse”

  1. Chuck Says:

    OMG does that look good!

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