The Books

July 12, 2009

After me and franks day in NYC last week I’ve had fashion on the brain. I hate using that word, fashion, it seems so cliche and so meaningless now. Anyone can claim to be fashionable or throw the word fashion around when really they’re just talking about clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look down on wal-mart clothes or anything of the sort (why just this week I found some amazing things at the Bridgeton thrift store and was beside myself) but when I talk about fashion I’m talking specifically about the art of designing and showing a collection as well as the art and design of discussing it too. Most people see fashion as a bad thing, something that wealthy people look down on them for not having or something and just excuse it by saying that it’s ridiculous to spend that much on clothes. But stop and think for a moment, you wouldn’t look at the Sisten Chapel and ask why people go to see it since it’s just a building, or look at a Monet and think, why would a someone pay so much for that, it’s just a painting.

Fashion is just as much art as sculpture or architecture. In all arts there’s going to be amateurs that are making things, it just so happens most of them in fashion are dressing us. We’ve moved away from days when people truely cared about how and what they wore and haute couture was at its peak with over 100 members, to today, when it seems you can’t leave the house without seeing someone in public wearing their pajamas and there are barely 15 members or haute couture. People really need to understand that haute couture isn’t just a way for big fashion houses to rip off people for more money, it is just as much an art (as is non-haute couture designers) as all other arts. And because of that sometimes it’s weird and it’s out there and I would never wear it in a million years, but you can’t just take it as clothes and that’s all, because it’s not just fabric and thread, those are simply the paper and paint these people use.

So, this week I got things together and today I started on my fall/winter book. I was inspired to do this about 3 years ago by a friend who had been collecting magazine rip-outs and keeping them in a large binder. I may have (oh okay, I DID) take her idea to an OCD level. Every season I buy the biggest 3 ring binder I can find and about ten thousand plastic page protectors. I then proceed to spend the next 6 months ripping pages from any fashion magazines that happen to cross my path and organize them in the binder in different ways. Some seasons its by style, others its by colors, sometimes I seperate the apparel from the different accessories and then again by color. Fall and winter its mostly by black, and the select few non-black colors I like for the season (during the winter I love black, I can wear head to toe black and feel perfectly comfortable and not at all “goth-like”).


Today after coming across my rubbermaid tub full of my binders from the last few years I decided today was the day. I love going through and doing this and getting to decide what I think from all of the magazines what is actually worth the time to look at and try to re-create and be inspired by. Most people have normal hobbies, I enjoy ripping magazines to shreds, what can I say?


One Response to “The Books”

  1. Chuck Says:

    I remember you talking about the binders before. I think that is totally cool… I would love to check them out someday… :-)

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