All Five Senses

June 26, 2009

Hey :-) Sorry I’ve been a little MIA recently. This week has been a whirlwind of preparing for the event inspiration next week, covering a few days at the cafe and housesitting for one of my good friends. It’s been so nice staying here again though (I lived here off and on last summer) it’s one of my favorite houses. My friends and her husband have such an eye for decorating and design. The house evokes the feeling that you’re in some grand beach home in Mexico or Puerto Rico. It’s completely open and they chose to go with bold colors like warm yellow, lime green, a cantaloupe orange, bright teal and every other eye catching color you can think of. Their home really deserves to be in a magazine or the newest ikea catalogue (I looooove tagging along with them to their ikea trips – it’s always a blast!). But one of my favorite things is to sit and have breakfast or read a book on their back porch which looks down on their lawn and the trees surrounding the house, I’m not sure there’s many more things more relaxing.

Whenever I stay in their house I always want to cook. The kitchen is so open and beautiful it’s an ideal space to get creative in. The only problem though is that I always come across the same problem that I always do whenever I cook outside my house, and that is that most other people don’t stock their kitchens in the same way I do. Don’t get me wrong – Emily always leaves me plenty to pick from, but I’m used to how I keep my kitchen stocked. At home, we always have a trillion different pastas to choose from (Angel Hair? Penne? Fussili? Linguini? we almost always have all of them and mostly both in white and whole wheat too)  all different types of flour, sugar, every type of spice, several different types of bread at any time and have anything in whole wheat that you can buy in whole wheat, as well as it’s white form as well. I go crazy when I don’t have these things easily accessable, which is why I went grocery shopping almost every time I visited home when I lived in Philly and now a friend who works at the grocery store makes fun of me for being there more than him.

So on my way back from work last night I stopped home and grabbed a few choice items before heading to the house, and got cooking!

Emily always leaves me lots of fruits and veggies ’cause she knows I love love love them! And last night I was determined to engage all of the senses just while making and eating dinner.


I really feel like it’s so important to learn to cook, even if it’s just a few things. Being involved tactically with how your food gets from fridge to plate makes the whole process so much more conscious of your eating. Your no longer just taking nuking a tv dinner and vegging out (most likely without the veggies) but are seeing exactly what goes into your food and how it gets to be what it is.


ahh, I love that sizzle from something on the stove or in the oven. It’s interesting to hear the different sounds that come from adding new ingredients to a hot pan. I also love to have music playing while I cook and eat. Last night I turned the Amy Winehouse way up and (very off-pitch) sang along :-)


This is pretty obvious. Some thing have just absolutely great smells, but one thing some people that don’t cook for themselves realize is how much more intense and amazing those smells are when they first hit a pan or pot. When I threw the garlic into the pan with the sugar snap peas last night I could have died happy (I’m a bon-a-fide garlic-aholic).


I think presenting you’re food well (even if you are just cooking for yourself) can make a big difference. Also, using ingredients that are visually stimulating (like bright summer vegetables and maybe a little feta cheese, hmm?) can completely change something from a boring bowl of pasta to something that looks fun to eat.


I really believe that taste should be your last sense that’s engaged. I feel like I really taste food better when I’ve already gone through these other senses because I don’t want to just rush through my meal anymore – I want to savor it since I took the time to think about it any prepare it.

So even though this was an insanely simple and easy dish to make that any person with a few pans could make, I really enjoyed it and I was glad I had talked myself out of just having some Ego’s (yes…the waffles lol). It was just a simple whole weat pasta that I put with some sauteed sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes with a little garlic, oregano and parsley and topped with a bit or feta cheese. The great thing about feta is that you really don’t need to add any table salt to the dish when you use it because it’s so naturally salty.

Alright well I’m gunna try to get a lot of sleep tonight because I have an insanely busy week ahead of me! hopefully I’ll have photos from the Inspiration up by the end of next week!


One Response to “All Five Senses”

  1. Chuck Says:

    I have to agree with the five senses… That’s why so many cultures place more emphasis on the preparation than the actual cooking, if they even cook at all. Our drive-thru culture has lost its appreciation for meals as an art form that is a shame. I am thrilled that you are doing your part to keep that alive…


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