Lights, Camera.

June 15, 2009

So when it comes it photography, in my personal opinion, lighting is just completely everything. I don’t really care what you put in the lighting some of the time, just that it’s good lighting. And beyond that, I’m natural lighting obsessed. I think part of the reason I’ve never enjoyed working in studios and rarely use the flash I spent a few hundred dollars on is because I just love natural lighting. Maybe it ties it to my love for photo-journalism, that I don’t want to add or change anything to whatever scene is playing out before me, I just want to look back on the photos and see exactly the same thing I saw when I looked through my lens.

I actually rediscovered my love for photo-journalism over these past few weeks. One of my friends family owns a small dance and art studio nearby that I used to help out at back in the day and they asked me to come back in their last few weeks before summer break and help wrangle kids and take photos for the slideshow they were showing at the end-of-year performance. I was able to capture some adorable faces learning to dance and painting and a lot of the kids just being their silly selves. I also got to photograph the rehearsal for the performance which (although I haven’t had a minute to really take a good look at the photos) came out better than I thought.

A great photographer who’s one of my old friend’s dad came up to me after slideshow and said they were good pictures but he could tell I struggled with the lighting. I did, it wasn’t easy to work with. The lights would go up and come down and backstage was incredibly dark. But in the end I’d rather struggle with lighting then use a flash.

This morning though, I found lighting that was just beautiful.

I was up incredibly early to take Frank to the airport and when I came back the sun was just coming up and it cast the most beautiful lighting which bounced back and forth on the many mirrors in the room and rested lovely on the white sheets.

I love how dramatic it is. The extreme white contrasting so severely against the blacks and how typically neutral flesh-tones become brilliant colors.

Ugh, did I mention I’m a sucker for texture too? I looove a good texture and one of my favorites has always been the texture of white bed sheets.

I generally don’t like to do much editing, but I will admit when I do, and I did. I just felt this one (obviously) needed to be lightened and I thought it’d benefit a lot from a more vintage-feel.

ahhh, I’ve missed photography.


2 Responses to “Lights, Camera.”

  1. Chuck Says:

    I love these photos. You are always fantastic on either side of the camera. I am glass you missed photography, but I believe it missed you… :-)

    I am a die hard purist when it comes to lighting too, and you will master low light situations like the dance recital…

    Here are some I did….

    You can also use your flash on a very low setting to help your camera see a little better without taking away from any of the effects from the natural or available light, like I did in most of those photos. It will help you get faster shutter speeds or use a lower ISO depending on what your goals are.

    Any time you want to go out on a photo safari I would love to come along. I think it would be amazing hanging out and shooting…


  2. iheartfilm Says:

    I also love natural lighting, although flash can be fun when it’s night and you’ve got a fun gathering. Makes for some neat effects with family and friends. But I agree, natural lighting can produce the best results.

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