Enjoying Dinner

June 4, 2009

Last night I found myself in one of the local libraries to escape the thunderstorm and wait for my brother’s class to be done. I was lingering around the cooking books, as I always do, and found a cute little book with a catchy title shoved somewhere between the Paula Deen baking books and the no-carb, no-fat, no-life diet books. “French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure” by Mireille Guiliano is a delightful read. I spent nearly the entire 2 hours I had soaking up the wise words from this food-loving French-American. It’s funny because so many people look at me and assume I must be able to completely enjoy food because I’m on the lower end of my weight spectrum and have good genes to back me up, but oh how far from true that is. I rush through meals and forget what or how much I’ve eaten just like any other food-obsessed American.

In this book Mireille talks about how the secret to enjoying food is not to eat a boat-load of it (like many Americans seem to believe) but by eating quality food you enjoy until you are satisfied, not until your bulging (besides, you always end up walking away from those types of meals feeling guilty, which ruins any enjoyment you might have gotten from it). She talks about how important it is to not just rush through meals thinking about what were going to eat after this meal, but concentrating our full attention on this one.

So I decided to take her advice today, because it sounded logical and even more than that, it sounded enjoyable.

Instead of rushing through my typical bowl of corn flakes I got up a few minutes early and had a cup of tea while I made breakfast. I took my time, trying to thoroughly enjoy my eggs and toast (I know, not really the most exciting breakfast, but its a heck of a lot more exotic then corn flakes!). It’s good I had a real breakfast too because we spent most of the afternoon stuffing welcome bags for out-of-town guests for a wedding next week and didn’t get a chance to pull out my lunch until almost 3. Even though I had things to work on while I ate, I still tried my best to not rush myself through lunch and attempted to thoughtfully eat even while staring at a computer screen.

After fighting rush-hour and rain I finally got home just before 8 to make myself some dinner. I felt kind of silly setting the table and making things look pretty, but I was determined to take her advice and enjoy dinner, like I do when me and Frank go to a nice restaurant. I even made my food look pretty. Salad with fresh lettuce and zucchini on the side of grilled chicken with red wine sauce on top of green beans. I even had a little glass of wine. I didn’t turn the TV on or surf the internet or anything while I ate – I just had dinner.

It was nice, and I didn’t think about what I would eat next or what I ate at lunch or what I ate a week ago. I just enjoyed a nice dinner, thats all


One Response to “Enjoying Dinner”

  1. Chuck Says:

    That sounds terrific. And I too like to do a little something special from time to time, like the setting the table all up, even if it is for one. It just makes you feel good. I am glad you found that book. It sounds like it may have given you some wonderful inspiration and we all need that now and again.


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