The Sweet Life

May 27, 2009

Oh, it truely is the sweet life, now. Knowing that there is finally an adorable, creative, tasty, and socially and environmentally conscious bakery nearby!

Last week I was killing a little time in Vineland when I came across the most adorable little bakery in the whole world. I was hesitant to go in though due to my past experiences with bakeries in this part of south Jersey (I’m not sure if most people are required to know spanish when the walk into a bakery in America, but apparently it’s becoming more common..). Well that night I typed the name into google and wa-la! The Sweet Life.

I was so amazed at the photos of the wedding cakes and desserts I saw and that they were based in Vineland. Their gorgeous wedding cakes designs are so much more modern then the other bakeries in south Jersey, they remind me more of the great bakeries in Philly that I’m always researching for my internship then of the very “old-lady” type cakes you normally find in the bakeries around here.

Anyway, So I was talking to my mom about how we desperately need to stop in a get some goodies ASAP. Well this morning my mother happened to find herself in Vineland and called me about 20 times (one time to tell me she was trying to find it, another time to tell me how cute it looked from outside, another time to tell me about everything they had in there and ask what I wanted and then again when she left to tell me how incredibly nice they are there – gotta love my mom! I’d probably do the same). I could barely wait for her to get back!

The Sweet Life

Fantastico! Everything was so great! Although, I didn’t get to try the cupcake. I was saving it to have as a snack tonight and went out to run my errands and by the time I got back my sisters boyfriend had already chowed it down (apparently it was good). That fine though because it just gives me an excuse to make a trip over there and get some more tasty things this week.

If for some reason you don’t believe how awesome this little bakery is you can also check out their flickr page, or their blog!


6 Responses to “The Sweet Life”

  1. sweetlifebakery1 Says:

    Hey thanks for the good words! (I should note, though, that the chocolate-covered strawberries in the picture were not ours…). That is very nice of you to write… you don’t mind if I print this up and put it on the wall next to John and Lisa’s Blog (

    • lavienouveau Says:

      no! not at all! sounds great!

      oh yes…the chocolate strawberries were mine and must have snuck into the picture somehow…

  2. laura Says:

    I stopped there this morning…had a devil’s food cupcake…pretty darn good. And I got heidi some doggie treats-which she loved :-)

  3. John Says:

    We love Sweet Life Bakery! One of the gems here in South Jersey. And thanks for listing us – we’ll have to return the favor.

  4. […] Last night I had to make my way to good ol’ downtown Vineland to pick up some things at the only sewing store basically within an hour of here to finish a project. While I don’t usually get down that way very often I’m always excited to because it means one thing to me….a stop at The Sweet Life! You may (or maybe not…) remember my rantings about them here. […]

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